Born in the small town of Big Sandy, Texas, Karl Harmdierks (aka, Bladiator) came to learn music through the innate plunking of his father. At the age of five years, Blad's father taught him the basics of chordal harmony. From there, Blad eventually went on to take lessons for about 3 years (9-12 years old), until his teacher up and left town. He continued to putz around on the piano and had some fun trying to write music.

Fast forward to college, where Karl told them he WAS going to be a musician. Amidst the chaos of six years in higher learning, he finally graduated, not as a pianist (though still a pretty durn good one), but as a composition major.

Finally, after 3 or so years of enjoyable but low-pay musical livelihood, Karl decided that he had to find something else to do with his life. He was offered a job in the DFW area doing IT work for radiology firms. If you think that sounds complicated, you’d be right. This has pretty much put the kibosh on his music career as well as just taking time to play the piano in general. In the last few weeks (as of the re-writing of this bio), Karl met up with OCRemix superstars djpretzel and Liontamer and has found a new excitement to work on remixes again, thus the first revisions to this website in over three years.

Also, Karl is getting married to his biggest fan, the beautiful Lacey, on September 13, 2009. Yet, he still figures he can get a remix or two out before that happens.

…I love you Lacey!

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